St Laurence's Church

Hogarth Productions Presents

Friar Street, RG1 1DA
7.00pm - 11.30pm

Different forms of interaction can be discovered here, ranging from perhaps more traditional forms of interaction where you are encouraged to 'play with, touch and feel' the art work in question. Also exhibited will be work that we can devour and consume, as well as work that we inadvertently or unconsciously interact with.

JON LOCKHART - The Boundless Museum
Based on the idea of an extended barrel organ with a series of 'automaton'
style elements and museum objects displayed within the 'vitrines'.

Visitors are encouraged to input information in exchange for an edible and chocolaty reward...

MA_DUO - Gestures: the space between
Using the spaces between exhibition works, Gestures creates unavoidable interaction between the visitors and a floor score.

Space and movement become a compositional tool, as the piece explores the physical space of the performance setting and the instruments.

SIGNAL TO NOISE (Oliver Wilshen and Niall Quinn) - Sonophore
A tangible user interface is worn by the participant as they are invited to interact with strips of audio tape that span the spaces interior.

As you explore the space, pre-recorded sounds can be recalled and manipulated in this sonically engaging Interactive Sound Installation.

STANDART THINKING (Lise Hovesen & Javier Rodriguez) - The Oracle
Standart Thinking will apply their Mystic Thinking to the considerations of the future of food production, drawing on historical references to Reading itself, that of the three b's; beer, bulbs and biscuits.

Will the future be one of Monocultures, of singular crops grown over a large area, or will Permaculture prevail, encouraging diversity and building useful connections between all things; man and earth?

This interactive food event will include fortune cookies and magic sprouting.

Jon Lochkart

MA_DUO - Gestures

Signal To Noise

Standart Thinking