19th August - Meditation on a Car

19th August - Meditation on a Car

Broad Street Illuminations

'Extend the non-mediocre part of life, to reduce the empty moments of life as much as possible.'
(G. Debord, Writings from the Situationist International 1957-61.)

Artist and curator Pete Montford is creating a series of installations in the Town Centre that build up to the Whitley Arts Festival 2012.

Every Saturday in the build up to the festival, Pete Montford will create a piece of 'guerilla performance art' in Broad Street, Reading Town Centre. The objective is to create happenings and scenarios that interact with the public but never give off the impression that what is happening is a theatrical, artistic or fictional performance of any kind. The pieces will melt seamlessly into the flow of everyday life and the people who perceive them may well identify them as bizarre, absurd, unusual or maybe even supernatural but they should walk away from them without suspecting that what they just experienced is 'made up' in any way.

19.08.12 Meditation on a Car
A car parked on Broad Street. Sometime between 2-3pm a young girl walks up to the car, climbs onto the roof, lay out a small matt and sit and meditate for 20 minutes

25.08.12 Lady Gamer
An old lady sits on various benches in broad street centre and plays a retro gameboy. After a short while, she gets up, moves to a different seat, and continues her game.

01.09.12 - OPAaT
Two representatives from the charity OPAaT are out 'chugging' on the street. Rather than trying to get something out of the public however, they are there instead to give something back. Their motto, 'Changing the world One Person At a Time', Reading Broadstreet is the charitys target town this week and OPAaT have their complimentary compliments and good day vouchers poised, ready for the invasion.

08.09.12 - Secret Stash
A lady quietly walks through Broadstreet clutching her bag. Suddenly a man tears down the street in front of her and comes colliding into her. Her bag bursts open and out pours hundreds of hard boiled sweets. She is left, hurriedly trying to get all her sweets back into her bag to take away with her.

15.09.12 - Finding My Happy Place by David Miller
With helium supplies on Earth almost completely depleted, a sight that we will soon never be able to see again. A young girl plays happily with her helium balloon in Broadstreet, running all around with it. All of a sudden, she just lets go of it and watches the balloon sail off above the rooftops and into the sky. This piece was created by David Miller as part the Broadstreet Illuminations.

22.09.12 - The Lottery in Reading
The day to day fates of the townsfolk in Reading have been influenced since time began by the Company but their name is rarely mentioned these days. For the first time in 100 years, they are making themselves known publicly again. 3 representatives will be in the street to explain who they are and what they do and there will also be a very simple activity that all the public in Broadstreet will automatically be involved in that will determine each individuals fate for the rest of the day.

07.10.12 - Strange Day
For one day, the strangers in Reading are coming out, and they are talking. Clues and riddles pointing towards some mysterious event are being passed around all over Broadstreet. Something's going to happen, everyone's sure of that but what is this thing we are anticipating?

We are grateful for the support of Reading UK CIC


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25th August - Lady Gamer

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