Film In a Pub

Tuesday 23rd October
8.00pm Free
The Retreat Pub
Curated by Anne-Marie Carroll
How to get there

Following on from our tradition of screening local artists short films 'Repossessing Tim' - Silver Prize winner at 2012 Pixelate Film Festival will be shown along with 'Find Love in 2:20' a much anticipated film by RedDedDog - a contender in this years Virgin Media Shorts.

Other films are yet to be decided (and we are still open to submissions) but this annual event is bound to be another success, mixing as it does, local talent and animation films of a world class standard, Pop Corn and beer - What else could one want?

Repossessing Tim
Ed Hick, Director
Grace Carroll, Script & Costume

This film is for everybody who hates bureaucracy, who has ever sighed at the sight of yet another form to fill in, who felt like they were conned by a bank into getting something they didn't really want or just anybody who sometimes thinks that some aspects of modern society are just a bit pointless.

Find Love in 2:20
Director and Producers Jethro Jessop & Woodie Wright

Two strangers who are looking for love are guided together by the number 2:20

Repossessing Tim

Find Love in 2-20