By Hogarth Productions


October 12th - November 4th 8am - 6pm (5pm Sundays)
Starts from Picnic
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A series of specifically placed works created by conceptual minimalist Czech artist Jiri Kovanda.

For 2012, the festival was keen to exhibit work by Kovanda, but restricted by funding, artistic director Edmund Harcourt devised a unique way in which we could bring his work to Reading.

After an email dialogue between the Artistic Director and the artist, Kovanda was sent a series of photographs of various spaces, interior and exterior, that formed a loose circular walk in the Town Centre. Kovanda then used these spaces as a prompt to conceive of items, objects or ideas that should fill these spaces. The team at Hogarth Productions then made or bought the items and positioned them.

This meant that the artist neither set foot in Reading at any point, nor actually saw 'in the flesh' the items that he represents.

The Art Gallery Walk takes you on a journey that questions how artists interact with their environment and the personal involvement that they have with their work

Jiri Kovanda (1953) has been one of the outstanding conceptual artists of the Czech art scene. He organised his first performances in public environments in Prague in the mid-1970's. His minimal actions, all based on a detailed scenario, were all recorded through photography in black and white and instruction leaflets.

In the eye of the artist, the work of art is made up of these documents, these performances having no other aim than the traces that are recorded. In his performances, those mundane actions appear slightly off-key, allowing us, through this combination of apparent simplicity and unbalance, to grasp at the individual and what remains real and human in a society under surveillance. After 1978, Kovanda staged minimalist and poetical interventions still recorded through a photograph and a text while the artist vanished completely
from his interventions which deal with the very notion of traces. In the 1980's, Kovanda turned to painting before abandoning all artistic practices. His work was rediscovered only recently and Kovanda has been active again creating installations, paintings and performances as discrete still and poetical in which he strives to find beauty in everyday life and to map out a space where the individual can actually exist.

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Gallery3 is a moving exhibition / installation space that aims to feature new and innovative work from local, national and international artists. Our first Gallery3 commission was in 2010 and was created by Hogarth Productions and Jelly



For more information on the artist, please visit his website