Songbook by Matteo Fargion for ROTOR 2010.  Photo Pari Naderi

Songbook by Matteo Fargion for ROTOR 2010. Photo Pari Naderi

St Mary's Project
A Hogarth Production

Friday 12th October From 7.30pm - 10.30
The Exhibition will take about 90 minutes to experience
St Mary's Church, Reading Town Centre
£4.00 on the door - Children under 14 go free.
How to get there

Where one artwork generates another.

Siobhan Davies Dance, Michael Fairfax, Bob Aldous, Sean Burn, Chris Lambert, Julia Rogers, Chris McKeeman, Miland Suman Patrick White and Matteo Fargion

St Mary's Project 2012 presents a series of directly related works with an emphasis on performance and interaction. This exhibition of 2D and 3D work, sound scopes and projections also involves cyclical performances every hour that will subtly change. The event is designed as a 60 - 90 minute experience, or as a single 3 hour entity.

This year's exhibition sees works of varying disciplines exhibited in pairs using the interior and exterior of the Church. Although all the works exist in their own right, each pair is related through one of them being used to as a trigger to create the other. This year we are delighted to be working with Siobhan Davies Dance, involved in two pieces, a projection and a live performance.

The Score - Siobhan Davies Dance
In 2010 as part of ROTOR, Siobhan Davies choreographed 'The Score,' a short film featuring four dancers that was shared with nine artists to trigger new work.

Songbook - Matteo Fagion, performed by Siobhan Davies Dance
Matteo Fagion's response to Siobhan Davies's The Score. Originally created as a quartet it has been adapted as a duet for St Mary's Project.

Illuminations for the C21st - Sean Burn
Sean Burn produces new texts in a series of twelve 'cut-ups' from the prose poems of Arthur Rimbaud's 'Les Illuminations' - one time resident of Reading. A 1932 translation of the les Illuminations will also be exhibited.

An Everlasting Hour - Bob Aldous
Bob Aldous combines poetry, installation and performance to create a site-specific piece performed in three segments over the evening, Aldous uses the church interior to add context to the piece based around the passing of time and the monumental.

The Walk - Chris Lambert
Sound artist Chris Lambert responds to An Everlasting Hour, by using recordings of conversations with the townsfolk of Reading covering the thematic elements of Bob Aldous's work, combined with audio footage of walks through Reading.

Playing The Minster (In three parts) - Michael Fairfax
Michael Fairfax creates an improvised soundtrack using the very fabric of the Church as his source of inspiration. Responding to the materials that the church is made of, and working with music students from Theale Green School, Fairfax attaches piezo microphones to various parts of the church and then using hands, and various objects, will 'play' the church.

The microphones will pick up every sound made, which will be heard by the audience through amplifiers attached to the microphones. Performed three times during the evening, each performance is a unique, an improvised construct. Quite what will be heard will be a surprise to us and the audience, what is known is that St Mary's will be the source

Piece - Julia Rogers
Julia Rogers interprets the sounds inside the Church, creating a 3D graphic score that will hang in the church. Drawn marks are translated into 3D and attached to vertical threads of differing thickness to create a larger mass that hang above head height. The quietness, the echo, the contemplative feeling that abounds were considered in the making of this piece.

Your Move - Chris McKeeman & Miland Suman
Starting a pilot project of what we hope will become a major piece for WAF 2013, Chris McKeeman and Miland Suman take as their starting point a video project that Hogarth Productions have been running filming Reading residents in their natural or familiar environments, capturing their natural, or familiar movements. Mckeeman and Suman reconstruct the experience for the audience by making the audience an integral and interactive part of the viewing process.

McKeeman and Suman have collaborated on numerous commercial projects in recent years, including work with The piece V&A, BUG, UK Music Video Awards & Gucci.

Transfiguration of a Small Room - Patrick White
This piece is about the cultural significance of acoustics and how we relate to our sonic environment. In the work, the unique acoustic profile of the largest volume of space within St Mary's is recreated within the diminutive St Edwards Chapel. Sounds from its occupants are picked up and modified in real time, giving the sonic illusion that the visitor is within the nave. This transformed acoustic space is in opposition to the chapel's humble proportions and environment of private worship.

Patrick White is an artist who lives and works in London. Working in a variety of ways including with text, video and installation, many of his works employ audio in some way. If asked to express the general concerns of his work in a dozen syllables or less, he would write 'my supposed status as a rational animal.' He is currently on the MA programme at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

St Mary's Project - Throughout Reading

This year St Mary's Project has become a great opportunity for people of Whitley and reading to get involved.
Hogarth Productions is working with over 600 residents to create the event on the 12th October. Some have been filmed, (Chris McKeeman & Miland Suman) some have been recorded (Chris Lambert) Whilst up to twelve different groups will have an original art work donated to them by the festival...

Sean Burn

Sean Burn is a writer, performer and outsider artist. He was shortlisted for a dadafest disability arts award 2009 and in 2011 successfully completed a major artist in residence project at the new gallery Walsall. His plays are performed by breaking binary; ctc; first draft; free-thinking festival (radio three); gobscure; half moon; maverick; pegasus; paines plough; queens hall arts; under construction; weaver-hughes ensemble; zeitgeist.

Bob Aldous

Chris Lambert

Michael Fairfax

Julia Rogers